lg appliance repair utah county

 It is not uncommon to have to use slightly more detergent than directed when washing with hard water. Hard water can be eliminated or softened by mechanical home water softeners. However, some only soften hot water and therefore don’t solve the problem when laundering with cold water. If your water hardness is higher than 15 16 grains, a home water conditioner system should be considered. Packaged water conditioners can be used in the wash. These products prevent minerals from inhibiting the detergent. They should be added to both the wash water and the rinse water. Follow instructions on the Product Label. In general, you can control up to about 15 16 grains of water hardness with packaged water conditioners. Just a tip for the fells naptha bar, microwave it for a minute and a half on a glass plate. It will bubble all up and look like its going to expkode but it doesnt.

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"The days of them lasting 25 or 30 years are gone.

We at Breaking Point Appliance Repair are a family owned and operated business. appliance repair ocean springs ms

lg appliance repair utah county

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